Moving to Live in France? How to Learn French

So you want to live in France do you? You and a lot of other Britons equally fed up with their working lives or bored in retirement then!  However planning on how to move to France must start with planning on how to learn French.

In fact, the dream of living in France is shared by high numbers of Brits because the nation is so accessible and because the cost of living and way of life are so attractive. There is one drawback with going to live in France and that is the fact that you have to learn to speak the language.

Well, you could try and get by without doing so, but you will fall at the first hurdle and find that living in France is actually a chore and a bore at best, a nightmare at worst and not exactly what you had planned.  So, if you’re moving to live in France, here’s how to learn French!

The first top tip that you need to take on board is that you should start learning French before you go.  And I am sure that you have heard this time and again and thought, yes, soon, yes, one day.  But in all reality, the sooner you start learning the better.  Of course this top tip may be too late for you if you have already made the move to live in France or you are about to relocate in the next few months.  So, what’s next for you?

Well, you need to get out and about and interacting and meeting people and experiencing the French language.  The more you immerse yourself in French the more likely it is to sink in and stick!  So, if you are indeed living in France already, enrol in lessons immediately and practice the words and phrases you learn in each lesson every single day.

If you are moving to live in France in a few months time then you still have time to learn some French before you go.  You can go to the local library and ask them about any books, tapes or CDs they have that you can borrow.  You can also go along to any local college or school and find out if they do French lessons.  You can look online and in the local paper too and see if anyone is offering classes that you could enrol in.

The more opportunity you have to expose yourself to French the better.

Assuming you have made the move to France and have a little bit of French language experience under your belt and that you are practicing it on a daily basis, the next thing you can do is make the effort to learn a new word each and every day.

How to Learn French Words

Using the objects all around you to inspire you, find out the names for things that you will need regularly.  If it helps, make up a label with the French word and even the pronunciation and affix it to the object in question – or keep a notebook with your vocabulary in.  The more you practise using your new words, the more likely it is that they will become familiar and that you can find them in your brain when you need to call upon them.

If you can get a French language course on your MP3 player or on CDs that you can play in your car, so much the better, you can then have French seeping in to your psyche whenever you are out and about and doing a mundane task like walking the dog or driving to the shops.

You can listen to French on the radio, watch French television, you can even source your favourite French film or even your favourite film if it has been dubbed into French and you can absorb the language in these ways as well.  Basically, the more exposure you have to the language and the more active and passive effort you put in to learning French, the better.

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