About Us

How It Started

Degtev began in 2004. We were originally called Shelter Offshore a publication for expats who wanted information about offshore investment and banking.

As the site developed so did the expatriate financial services industry. Online connectivity made it much easier for brokers, banks and other financial institutions to reach out to expatriates. Regardless of an expats location, it was now possible to get expert financial advice from qualified independent advisors.

The development of specialist expatriate financial services led to some confusion for expatriates. What was the difference between previously marketed offshore savings product and expatriate savings product?  Of course, they were initially exactly the same, it was just a strategic rebrand.

The negative tax evasion image that offshore banking had acquired led to the majority of banks rebranding their offshore banking services into international banking and expatriate financial services.

We also wanted people to understand that we were a site for expatriate savers and investors rather than a site promoting tax evasion. In 2016 we changed our name from Shelter Offshore to Degtev.

Where We Are Today

Today, Degtev gets around one hundred thousand visitors per month and is respected as one of the best expatriate publications on the Internet. Degtev and Shelter Offshore has been featured in some of the world’s largest publications, including the New York Times, The Telegraph and, The Guardian,.