Abbey Wealth Review – Expat Financial Advisers Examined

Abbey Wealth Review – Expat Financial Advisers Examined

Our latest review takes a look Abbey Wealth. One of the most popular expat financial advisories with offices in Dublin, Spain and Switzerland.

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Abbey Wealth one of Europe’s fastest growing expat financial services groups have just launched a new website that includes a vastly expanded range of expatriate financial services.

We thought it would be timely to review their range of services and update readers about Abbey Wealth and what they can offer expatriates, in terms of financial planning and wealth management advice.

Who Are Abbey Wealth?

Abbey Wealth was originally established in 2007 as Abbey Financial Solutions by leaders in the international financial services industry, specifically to fulfil the requirements of an increasing number of British expatriate clients.

Abbey Wealth is answerable to regulatory bodies in both Switzerland and Ireland. They have offices in Spain and Switzerland with their headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Abbey provide global support to expatriate investors via their main client services and support offices based in Malaga Spain.

Currently they support over 3,000 clients in 100 different countries, and have in excess of £500m under advice and administration.

The company’s advisers are all British trained and qualified, with extensive experience in international financial advice giving, and they are supported by Financial Research, Compliance and Administrative divisions, making Abbey Wealth a full service brokerage.

What do Abbey Wealth do?

In terms of the company’s service offering, in a nutshell Abbey Wealth provides independent financial services and wealth management advice to international clients worldwide, and the majority of those clients are Britons living abroad.

The majority of satisfied clients are expatriates who are living, working or retired overseas, and what makes Abbey Wealth unique is the fact that they offer their clients a lifetime service.

Here’s what they say about this commitment:

“At Abbey Wealth you are our client for life, because our reputation is built on your financial success. Regular reviews of your financial plan are essential to keep you on track to meet your responsibilities and fulfil your wealth ambitions. We therefore remain dedicated to the provision of your comprehensive wealth management service for life.”

This means that if you become a client, not only will Abbey Wealth look after all your existing investments whilst creating the perfect financial plan for you now that you’re living overseas, but no matter where life takes you in the future, they will remain your central point of contact for financial advice and wealth management forever, if you so wish.

We feel that such continuity of advice giving and financial support is what can make a real difference between achieving one’s money ambitions – or not.

Do We Recommend Abbey Wealth?

As a result of the appropriateness of the company’s core offering in relation to the subjects we cover on Degtev, we sometimes refer those readers who come to us who are seeking specific personal advice about their financial position to Abbey Wealth.

We aren’t qualified or regulated to give advice, so when a reader asks for advice, we may make a referral if appropriate.

There is never an obligation on anyone referred, what’s more, because we have built a trusted relationship with Abbey Wealth over the years, we know that our readers will be respected and well treated by the company.

Please note: When we refer someone directly, if that person goes on to do business with Abbey we will receive a fee. That fee helps to pay for our publication, it  won’t affect the amount you pay in any way. You can always go directly to Abbey Wealth and not mention us if you’d prefer that we didn’t receive a fee.

We are always open to feedback on any referrals we ever make, and the feedback we continue we receive helps us to understand which companies work hardest for expats and enable us to point people in the right direction.

In addition, we like the fact that Abbey Wealth has earned exceptionally high-level terms of business with many of the leading offshore financial services organisations, enabling Abbey to do required international client due diligence checks to prevent money laundering and to place direct business with these firms.  This speaks volumes about Abbey Wealth’s reputation.

Specialist financial services for expatriates

In terms of what the expanded service offerings from  Abbey Wealth look like:

Abbey deliver a complete range of expat financial solutions delivered under three 3 core headings: –

  1. Expat personal financial planning advice
  2. Expat wealth management services
  3. Overseas retirement preparation and planning

Therefore, no matter what life stage you’re at and whether you’re a high net worth individual with extremely complex personal and corporate financial planning requirements, or an individual seeking the best interest rates on existing savings, Abbey Wealth has the resources and capacity to support you – for life.

1) Expat Personal Financial Planning

Abbey Wealth’s expat personal financial planning advice service starts from the point of view of understanding that clients are as unique as their financial status.  Therefore, understanding the client is critical to making the most of their financial advantages.

Advisers working in this area take the time to understand a client’s current financial position, therefore, as well as their risk position, goals, objectives and challenges, before giving salient and personally appropriate advice.

2) Expat Wealth Management

The company describes its wealth management service as: “a consultative client-centred process, aimed at helping you achieve all of your financial needs.”

No matter what your wealth status, Abbey is strategically positioned to assist, with dedicated high net worth consultants offering comprehensive solutions to those with even the most complex financial position.

3) Overseas Retirement Preparation

Whether you: –

  1. Are yet to start saving towards retirement
  2. Have got frozen or onshore pensions
  3. Are about to retire abroad
  4. Have retired and need investment or income advice…

…Abbey Wealth’s dedicated overseas retirement preparation centre can offer every single service you need.

The centre and its specialist team of advisers can help with: –

  • Retirement savings solutions
  • Pension transfers
  • Overseas SIPPs
  • Retirement income planning
  • Post-retirement savings and investment advice

Abbey Wealth Review – Summary

As one of the leading providers of comprehensive expatriate financial services in the world, Abbey Wealth is ideally positioned to help British expatriates looking to make the most of their financial position during their time living overseas.

There are other expatriate advisories out there, our review is not meant to be a comparison nor an endorsement…however, to date, we’ve had always received very positive feedback from expatriates who’ve used Abbey Wealth’s financial services. We’ve also found it easy to get information from the Abbey Wealth to support our financial research.

You can find out more by visiting Abbey Wealth.