5 Best Places to Retire Abroad Depending on Your Personality Type

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about where in the world you would like to retire to and you’ve considered your budget, how easy it will be to relocate, how accessible your family and friends will still be or just where in the world you could feel at home.  After all, there are many ways to choose your perfect destination.

So have you ever thought about planning your retirement abroad depending on your personality type?  You may initially question why someone’s personality could have any bearing over where they might be happiest living – but having lived all over the world and encountered expatriates from a myriad of different backgrounds, it’s very clear that certain types of people thrive in certain countries whilst others wilt and long to return home.

Whilst a final decision about where you live in the world could be dictated by how much money you will have to live on in retirement, maybe your initial research should begin from a point of view of where you would be happiest living.  In our report today we’re going to focus on 5 different personality types that you may well identify with, and where such people might potentially be happiest living.

1)  Adventurous? – Perhaps Retire to Argentina

If you have an adventurous streak and you love the thought of being a bit of a pioneer when you retire, have you thought about South America and Argentina in particular?  The nation is geographically stunning, it’s already home to a small band of European and American expats, land and property prices are extremely cheap, and the cost of living can be exceptionally affordable if you learn how to shop like the locals!

All in all, Argentina is the adventure capital for any aspiring retiree who desires a challenge.  Firstly you have to get to grips with the language, then you need to explore the country well to find the right place to set up your home, then depending on where you decide to settle you may well need to do your own basic home and land maintenance.  All of this will keep you busy – and you can have thrills aplenty in this vast land of stunning contrasts.

The expat support networks are really non-existent – you will have to forge your own friendships and clear your own path towards your new life in Argentina.  But the hard work can be rewarding for the adventurous type who doesn’t want or need their life served up to them on a plate.

2)  Confident and Creative? – What About Moving to Belize

Belize is a potential tax haven for qualifying retirees – and so on the absolute surface it appears to be a no-brainer in terms of a retirement home in the sun.  However, Belize is rough around the edges, there’s poverty and crime, extremes of weather conditions and some of the services and facilities in place leave a lot to be desired.

However, if you can see beyond all of this, if you can wade in and make your own life happen, you can thrive in Belize if you’re confident of your own abilities to make a home and you’re creative in adapting to the new way of life you have bought into.

Belize has many benefits – but it would never suit a quiet life loving person with no practical abilities!

3)  Peace Seeking, Quiet Life Loving? – Maybe France is Right for You

As a contrast to Belize, France can be the perfect country for those who want a quiet life where there is little in the way of stress caused by location or infrastructure issues!  As long as you speak a high standard of French and you make an effort to get to know neighbours and locals so that you have some local friends and connections, you can buy in to a very laid back and secure lifestyle in France.

Picking the part of France that suits you will be important – as some areas are harder to integrate into…but with its proximity to ‘home,’ France can be a more comfortable and ‘safe’ option for those who do not want challenges when they finally retire.

4)  Young at Heart Sun Seeker? – Make Your New Home in Cyprus

Cyprus is a really fun island, a fantastic place to holiday, a stunning location with an exceptionally good climate – and it is home to fun loving expats of all ages.  As a result, if you want an active life, and an activesocial life in a location where the emphasis is on living well and enjoying a high standard of lifestyle, Cyprus could suit you right down to the ground.

For ease of relocation pick the south, for better value for money pick the north.

5)  Calm and Curious? – Retire and Live in Turkey

If you have a bit of an adventurous spirit but you’re not ready to pioneer and move to the wilds of Argentina, how about relocating to Turkey.  Turkey is a bit of a challenge and will certainly suit those who do not get hot headed when all around you people are over-reacting!  It’s a country where rules are only half written, only make sense in part and only occasionally get implemented, but where it does pay to know the rules so you can avoid falling foul of them!

It’s also a stunning nation with great weather, beautiful unspoiled scenery, welcoming people and where a slowly increasing group of expats are making a home for themselves.  You can pioneer a bit and indulge your curiosity by making your own home in Turkey rather than having it served up on a plate as you can in Spain and France for example, and your ability to remain calm when rules are changed just to annoy you will mean you constantly look past the small annoyances and see the beauty of your new home.

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