Living in Dubai can become one of the most amazing adventures of your life

Moving to and Living in Dubai: a Complete How-To Guide

Your essential guide to living in Dubai

Working a Dubai - Your Great Career Abroad

Working in Dubai

For those who are looking for opportunities to build their professional career abroad, working in Dubai can be a great experience. This vibrant and ambitious city is trying to reinvent itself and set to become the

Your essential Guide to Moving to Dubai

Moving to Dubai

Dubai remains one of the most popular would-be expatiate destinations in the world.  By that we mean that many would-be expats dream of moving to Dubai to live and work there, inspired by stories of a

The cost of living in Dubai is high, but the best things are free - fireworks in Dubai Marina

Cost of Living in Dubai

Dubai is famous as a playground for the wealthy. So when it comes to the cost of living in Dubai, the numbers fully reflect the perception – in 2016 Mercer survey ranked the cost of living in Dubai

Healthcare in Dubai - High Quality and High Levels of Customer Satisfaction

Healthcare in Dubai

If you are planning to move to the UAE, healthcare in Dubai won’t disappoint you. As long as you and your family are insured you will have access to good hospitals, skilled doctors and modern medical

Transport in Dubai - Self-Driving Metro Train

Transport in Dubai – Getting Around the City

With Dubai still experiencing rapid growth despite the global economic slowdown, how do expats living in Dubai or visiting holidaymakers negotiate their way around and city and the Emirate as a whole? In this article

Driving in Dubai - night rush hour

Driving in Dubai

The exciting bustle of Dubai’s rapidly expanding metropolis, its sparkling Persian Gulf waters and very welcoming climate appeal to holidaymakers and expats from all over the globe.  When it comes to driving in Dubai, heeding

Tax free living in the Bahamas

Tax Free Living in the Bahamas: Pros and Cons

On the face of it, establishing residency in the Bahamas is not only relatively straightforward for those of comparatively high net worth, it’s appealing on many levels as well. For one thing you can enjoy

Offshore Banking - pros and cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Offshore Banking

For an expat there are definitely more advantages than disadvantages to using offshore banking. Having said that, how you choose to manage your money will always be a personal choice! To help you make that choice

Tax in Dubai

Tax in Dubai – Is It Really Tax-Free in the UAE?

If you’re thinking about moving to live and work in the UAE you’ve probably learned by now that there is no income tax in Dubai. Like many other Middle East countries the UAE earns its